Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Dumped

Some of us are lucky and have never been through a break-up. However, most of us have been through the pain of being dumped and the pain we feel as the result of a broken heart can leave some of us devastated and unable to contemplate the risk of a relationship ever again. Yet, there are some of us who pick ourselves up and get on with it. We are all different in how emotional pain affects us.

We will at some stage grieve for our lost lover, however the ways in which we choose to grieve can be different for each individual. Some people will swear off love forever, choosing to let fear run their decisions and emotions. Some will begin to date almost immediately and some may concoct a plan to retrieve their lover. Of those who choose to go down the road of winning their lover back, this decision requires careful thought.

It depends on how the relationship ended and the reason the relationship ended. In most relationships it is usually both partners who make or break the relationship. In some cases I have known people to have been dumped by their partner and not be given a reason. You may well ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who leaves you without any kind of explanation. This shows a definite flaw in the communication style of the relationship, meaning the communication was not good. Relationships with poor communication do not last. So firstly, ask yourself if you really want this person, or are you suffering from loneliness or a fear of being alone.

You should also being asking yourself if this person really loves you. I cannot stress this point enough. There is nothing to be gained if your partner does not really love you and chances are you will no succeed in your quest to retrieve their love. I am a true believer that love does not die, it only goes stale. However if a relationship is neglected for a long period of time, the love can be extremely hard to re-kindle.

Were you looking out for yourself in this relationship as well as your partner? It is true that we look out for our lover more than ourselves, but you should not be giving your all to your partner and neglecting yourself. And your partner should not be allowing you to neglect yourself either. If they were, then this really is not the sort of person you need in life. Chances are they were neglecting you and leaving you to carry the load in the relationship. When two people love each other, they take care of each other and help each other. Was this happening in your relationship? If your partner broke up with you, then it is likely that looking after each other was not a priority in your relationship.

Finally it is very easy to lay blame at your partners feet for the flaws in your relationship and the fact that he or she broke your heart. This kind of thinking is pointless and will not achieve anything. You would do better to let go of blame and move towards re-building your life and self esteem. It is only when you can once again be a happy, positive person (the person your ex fell in love with) that you will succeed in winning your lover back.

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