Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Best Revenge

Is revenge on your ex the right way to go given how hurt you feel? No! At  least not in my opinion anyway, however you can feel better just imagining doing some of the horrid deeds to them in the list below.

You’ve been dumped by your partner and you are shattered beyond belief. Feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal and humiliation surge through your body as the realization sinks in that the relationship and love you thought you shared with your partner is no more.

Would getting revenge on your now ex lover make you feel better. You bet it would! What kind of revenge would you carry out? There are many different, nasty, horrible tricks you could play to even the score, such as:

  • Sand or sugar in their petrol tank
  • Weed killer on your ex’s beautiful manicured lawn
  • Egging their house or car
  • Having their mail re-directed
  • Disconnecting their power, gas or phone
  • Disabling the hot water service (I had this one done to me)
  • Brake fluid poured over their car
  • Stealing their letter box
  • Dumping garbage on their doorstep.

But, and here’s the big but. Before you get any ideas and go out and put these examples above into action, just think about it for a minute. Doing some of these dirty deeds to your ex may make you feel better, but in the long run what might the eventual fall out be?

How is your ex going to react? They could have you arrested and charged, this would not be good. Your ex will be livid, no doubt about that, which was your intention, to pay them back and make them hurt as much as you do. However, what you need to think about here is how will they perceive you and themselves? If you read my articles regularly you will remember me saying people love themselves more than anything else. Therefore, this type of revenge is going to boost their opinion of themselves and even worse they will feel all powerful and bigheaded, because of how you have reacted to being dumped. Think about it, if you were to carry out one of the nasties above, they will feel great that they have all of this power over you.

The other issue to mull over here is whether you think there is the chance of reconciliation. Would you like to win your lover back? Pulling any kind of nasty vengeful trick will kill that possibility in the blink of an eye. 

So what would be the best form of revenge that you could carry out on your ex? The answer is success, sweet success my friend. Success is definitely the best revenge. Your ex will be expecting you to be moping and pining after them, begging them to return. However, you will be getting on with your life, being happy and independent and they will not like this. If your ex sees that you are happy living you life, almost happy about the break up they will not like it at all. You see, they expect to have more power here, as they dumped you. Not the case if you are showing a happy and positive attitude when you run into them, or their friends.

This is where they are going to start to want you again. This is where they will remember why they fell in love with you in the first place. Who can resist a happy smiling face and a happy attitude to life? This is exactly the image you need to portray to exact the perfect revenge.

If they know that you are missing them and pining after them, that will make them run in the other direction. When you stop and walk the other way and get on with your life in a happy and positive way, this is where the tables will turn in your favour. Curiosity will motivate them to chase you. You may well be in a situation to either choose whether to rekindle the relationship or you could well decide that you are indeed, better off without them.

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