Saturday, December 8, 2007

Arguing – A Pointless Exercise

You are feeling a great amount of emotions and feelings. These emotions could include; anger, sadness, jealousy, guilt, and rejection, just to name a few. Your heart is broken, your self esteem is shattered and you believe that your now, ex lover is wrong. You believe that they have made the wrong decision and judged you and the relationship too harshly. When we feel unjustly treated our natural action is to defend ourselves by arguing our point of view with our partner.

Believe me when I tell you, this is a pointless exercise that will not endear you to your lost love. It is almost, if not totally impossible to win an argument after a break up. Emotions and feelings from both partners are at breaking point and that protective wall that we build around ourselves when we are hurt goes up. No-one is going to win this argument, as both of you are going to have very differing points of view and so soon after a break up, it is going to be impossible to make your point seem valid to the other person. When it comes to arguments in general, I believe no-one really wins, especially if a compromise or resolution is not reached. This to me, means that one partner loses and the other wins. In which case, the relationship loses. You will not be able to convince your partner that they are wrong immediately after a break up.

This is a no win situation, and you would do well to not get into any sort of argument with your ex. Your goal is to win them back, which is why you are reading these articles. Arguing right and wrong with them will ultimately push them further away from you. It is a natural reaction to argue and defend our point of view and I don’t blame you for feeling like arguing with your partner, given you are feeling devastated inside. However, you need to realize that you will ruin your chances of getting back together with your ex.

If you can sense an argument brewing, walk away. Tell your ex-partner you do not wish to discuss the matter. There will be a time in the future when you and your partner will be in contact again, and you will be feeling a lot more positive and have a different attitude, you partner will see you in a totally different light and it will be these elements that will attract your partner, and remind them why they fell in love with you in the first place.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rekindling Your Lost Love

Your relationship is over. And you’re left with a broken heart. You are wondering how you can get your lover back. Before you jump in boots and all and chase after them, pleading for them to return it might be in your best interests to take a time out and assess the situation. Think carefully before making any decisions. Given, that this person has left you, do you really want them back? You need to analyse what went wrong in the relationship. Did your lover give you a reason for leaving? There are many people who will do this; leave a relationship and not tell you the reason. It has happened to me, and based on that, I decided I never wanted anything to with them again.

At first I did want him back and I made it my business to set this process in motion. The very first thing that I did was to take some time out and I did not contact him during this time. Five long weeks of no-contact took place and then I heard from him, he was sorry, he was confused, he didn’t know what he wanted; the excuses came thick and fast. He kept up regular phone and email contact for about two months and then one day I wrote him an email, an honest account of how I saw our relationship, it proved to be the kiss of death. Apart from one nasty email about a profile of mine that he’d found on a dating site, that was it and my cue to forget him and move on. I was essentially fooling myself. He was not coming back, and if he had the relationship would have never amounted to what I needed from him in a relationship.

I am now with someone who is with me for the right reasons. He wants an honest and open relationship and he wants to be a loving person to me and our relationship in every way. Yes; we have our share of problems (every relationship does), but things work between us as we share the same values and we do not compromise our beliefs. My previous lover expected me to compromise my values. He expected me to ignore many aspects of my life and be there for him and I was not prepared to do it. He realised in the end that he could not control me. And it wasn’t until the end that I realised the whole relationship had been a game to him. He had been controlled by women all of his life, starting with his mother and I think he was trying to prove that he could have the upper hand with me. It didn’t work, his stupid emotional games sent me running in the opposite direction.

So before you move heaven and earth to re-kindle your love, think long and hard about whether you really want to be with that person. Think about how you were treated in the relationship, particularly the bad times. If your partner treated you with respect and honoured your feelings at all times, then I would say you have a winner. Sadly though, when things turn sour in a relationship, people forget about respect and honouring the other person. It becomes all about them.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

So You Want Your Ex-Lover Back

It is so very important that you take some time for yourself, take a breather and stop and take stock of the situation and your feelings before you make the decision to chase after your ex and try to win them back. Your decisions must be based on logic and not emotion. You must take a good look at yourself and the relationship and what it brought to your life before you rush in and start the process of trying to get your ex back.

Asking yourself why you want them back is a good start. You need to understand your feelings and thoughts and be honest about whether you really want this person in life on a permanent basis. It is important that you do not rush this. You will get to the truth the longer you spend alone with your thoughts. You need to look deep inside yourself and be honest about your feelings. Do you really love them, or are you just lonely? This is an easy mistake to make. Missing that person can make you falsely believe you love them, when in-fact you are just lonely and this is not a good enough reason to re-kindle a relationship. If you just miss them, then consider getting yourself a life and finding a partner whom you truly love with all of your heart.

Looking at what went wrong in the relationship is paramount in this situation. If you don’t explore why he or she broke up the relationship, you will not be able to repair the relationship, for example; if your partner told you that they felt taken for granted and that there was not enough affection and love within the relationship, you will need to rectify this problem. You will need to consider changing this about yourself. The relationship will not survive a second go around if you are not prepared to learn from your mistakes, change your behaviour and grow within the relationship. This is why we have relationships, to learn, change and grow. They have dumped you, and they have done this for a reason, chances are it is mostly you who will need to make the changes here necessary for the relationship to flourish.

Once you have worked through the above suggestions, it would be a good idea to set up a meeting, if you feel ready. If not give yourself some more time. Do you feel ready to make the effort to get this relationship back on track? If so, call your ex-lover and them to meet for coffee. Chances are they will agree, especially if your relationship was very special to both of you. Tell them about the work that you have done and the conclusions that you have drawn and explain what is going to change. If your lover still has feelings for you, there is a very good chance that this will work. Nothing in life is ever certain however, to give up on someone that you really love who could possibly be in your life again is worth the risk.

Stick to your promises, and keep your word. Make your actions mimic your words. You have decided to give your relationship a second try, so you must be true to your word and make a committed effort to see it through. Portraying the person you promised to be to your lost love is your top priority. Your relationship will work, as long as you remain true to your words and yourself.

Getting your ex lover back is really not so difficult, providing you both feel the same way about each other. This is a process we go through when we want something bad enough. Your ex will notice the changes in you and the relationship and they will appreciate the effort you are making. So in the end it all becomes worthwhile to dedicate all you can to sustain your relationship. I wish you all the best.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Dumped

Some of us are lucky and have never been through a break-up. However, most of us have been through the pain of being dumped and the pain we feel as the result of a broken heart can leave some of us devastated and unable to contemplate the risk of a relationship ever again. Yet, there are some of us who pick ourselves up and get on with it. We are all different in how emotional pain affects us.

We will at some stage grieve for our lost lover, however the ways in which we choose to grieve can be different for each individual. Some people will swear off love forever, choosing to let fear run their decisions and emotions. Some will begin to date almost immediately and some may concoct a plan to retrieve their lover. Of those who choose to go down the road of winning their lover back, this decision requires careful thought.

It depends on how the relationship ended and the reason the relationship ended. In most relationships it is usually both partners who make or break the relationship. In some cases I have known people to have been dumped by their partner and not be given a reason. You may well ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who leaves you without any kind of explanation. This shows a definite flaw in the communication style of the relationship, meaning the communication was not good. Relationships with poor communication do not last. So firstly, ask yourself if you really want this person, or are you suffering from loneliness or a fear of being alone.

You should also being asking yourself if this person really loves you. I cannot stress this point enough. There is nothing to be gained if your partner does not really love you and chances are you will no succeed in your quest to retrieve their love. I am a true believer that love does not die, it only goes stale. However if a relationship is neglected for a long period of time, the love can be extremely hard to re-kindle.

Were you looking out for yourself in this relationship as well as your partner? It is true that we look out for our lover more than ourselves, but you should not be giving your all to your partner and neglecting yourself. And your partner should not be allowing you to neglect yourself either. If they were, then this really is not the sort of person you need in life. Chances are they were neglecting you and leaving you to carry the load in the relationship. When two people love each other, they take care of each other and help each other. Was this happening in your relationship? If your partner broke up with you, then it is likely that looking after each other was not a priority in your relationship.

Finally it is very easy to lay blame at your partners feet for the flaws in your relationship and the fact that he or she broke your heart. This kind of thinking is pointless and will not achieve anything. You would do better to let go of blame and move towards re-building your life and self esteem. It is only when you can once again be a happy, positive person (the person your ex fell in love with) that you will succeed in winning your lover back.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nice Girls Get Dumped, So Be A Little Bit Bad

Just like every other time I’ve written an article or an essay, this time is no different. I’m sitting here, trying to put words on the paper and taking it all too seriously. When I do this I know I am trying too hard and when I try too hard, I inevitably screw things up. You would think that the opposite would be true. Unfortunately as hard as we work at something, the pay off is sometimes not worth all the effort. Now that sounds shockingly negative and it's not meant to; but it's true, sometimes trying to hard can ruin things.

While this concept applies to my passion for writing, it also applies to women, dating and relationships. Nice, caring, nurturing women whose first priority is not themselves, but usually their man. We as women usually want to please everyone and we try to do so, only to fail miserably in the end. Why is it that so many seemingly nice women get dumped all the time? The answer is we are too damned nice. The quote “nice guys finish last" also applies to women.

If I had a dollar for every nice woman gets dumped story I have heard or seen first hand, I’d be rich as well as single, which wouldn’t be so bad. Seemingly theirs' and my only sin was that we as women were too nice, understanding, caring or whatever; you get the picture. It’s hard to believe that women can be kicked to the kerb for being too nice.

The thing is relationships are part of a woman’s identity, which is why we work so hard at them. We can’t help it. It is natural for us to do this. What is not so natural is to work at being just a little bit bad here. Now ladies, I am not advocating nastiness or bitchiness here, even though we would all agree that some men need a bloody good smack. What I am advocating is a lot more love towards ourselves and our own lives and a little game of hard to get. He doesn’t get to have all the goodies all at once. Most of these casualties happen within the first three months. This is where the ambivalence begins to fester inside a man. You can quite clearly see when a woman’s relationship with a man is on the rocks. She will call home to check her messages. She will break plans with family and friends just to see him. She will do most of the chasing. She will drive herself crazy with wonder about what he is doing and why he has not called.

All that a woman can do at this point is to stop. Stop calling, stop thinking about him, stop whining and make a date with someone new. If he is really that interested, he will come running and if you never see him again, good riddance girls, he’s not interested. He might want a little action late on a Friday night and may ask you to come over. Don’t do it. You are not on call for a roll in the hay whenever the mood takes him. You have much higher standards than that. I have seen relationships end like this after years of the couple being together. I, myself encountered a man’s ambivalent bullshit, only to be kicked to the kerb after two and a half years. He said that he was not sure anymore. Truthfully girls, it was my fault. I was too nice and I became the proverbial doormat. The signs were there but I ignored all of them in the name of love, sweet love. I was with a man who, one night was expressing his undying love and commitment to me and then the next day he is yelling “You don’t own me!" down the telephone line. That should have been my wake up call, as he was basically saying “I’m here for a good time, not a long time," or “I am a commitment phobic asshole."

In all fairness though and particularly to the man whom I am referring to, (he will know who he is should he ever read this) he really did love me and still does, however like most commitment phobic people, he could not deal with the intensity of my love for him (moral of that story, stay away from commitment-phobes). I was the nice girl you would take home to meet mummy, I got on well with his parents, I did all of that doormat behaviour, and I put up with the in-laws crap. Bottom line was, he was a commitment phobe and he did not want passionate sex with his mother and judging myself on my doormat behaviour I guess I became that image. In the final six months I began to wise up, fortunately for me, so did he. He decided that his commitment phobia was a terminal illness. So it was sayonara sweetie.

The biggest revelation was that I was too nice, I needed to love myself more, and I must realise that men love women who aren’t so nice to them. So my suggestion to all women is to become more involved with who you are and what you want in life. When we as women assert ourselves out there in the real world, many men see us as bitches, however this also turns a man on and eventually they fall in love with the whole, she isn’t so wrapped up in me, she takes care of herself. They’ll get a hard on just thinking about how interested and focused you are on your own life. Act like an agreeable doormat, and he’ll be gone. Men love the chase, the cat and mouse game that we hate. They invented it, it turns them on. Why deprive them, it would be quite selfish of us not to indulge our man in something he loves so much.

Relationships, dating, commitment and marriage are a pretty serious business and dating with the intention of finding Mr Right can be a mixed bag of emotional bullshit. However, it is the seriousness of it all that leads to women trying too hard. At the beginning of this essay I spoke about trying too hard, and screwing it all up. I think we should all lighten up and approach this dating/relationship stuff with a sense of humour. Most importantly remember people always want what they can’t have, it’s human nature and that goes for both women and men so let the games begin.

Endnote: I wrote this when I was pretty hurt and emotional and my attempt was to make it comical, I would love some feedback. Chat with me on Twitter or Facebook or have your say in the comments box.

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